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Sayings from the Literary Works of Kalidasa

A collection of sayings from literary works of Kalidasa.

No man can ever be in the bottom forever, as the wheel of fortune slowly turns one is sure to be at the top sometime or other. It has never fallen to anyone to be extremely happy or unlucky and lonely and it is natural that as the wheel of time marches inexorably, some are at the top and others at the bottom.

An auspicious thing is sought by one who seeks to counteract adverse circumstances, or by one who longs for prosperity; what has one who has no desire to do with such things.

Even a miser does not ignore a friend in need.

The purity of gold can be tested only when it is put through the fire.

Knowledge imparted only to a fit recipient will yield the desired result.

Only he can be considered a courageous person whose mind is not disturbed by tempting objects.