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Story Of King Koorathazhwan And His Wife Andal – Who Gave Away Everything And Overcame Fear

King Koorathazhwan ruled over a small kingdom named Kooram near Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu. He was an ardent devotee of Bhagavan Vishnu and a disciple and follower of the teachings of Sri Ramanujacharya. There is a popular story of King Koorathazhwan and his wife in which it is said that they gave away everything they had and overcame fear.

King Koorathazhwan and his wife Andal gave up their kingdom and all their possessions and decided to move to Srirangam.

Story Of King Koorathazhwan And His Wife Andal – Who Gave Away Everything And Overcame Fear

While the couple was walking towards Srirangam, Koorathazhwan noticed that his wife was fearful of something. On enquiry, Andal said that she was afraid they might be attacked by robbers. Koorathazhwan consoled her by stating that those who owned nothing need not fear thieves.

Then Andal revealed that she had brought with her the golden bowl in which Koorathazhwan used to eat and this was the reason for her fear. The words of her husband made her realize the futility of carrying the bowl and she threw it away.

After settling in Srirangam, Koorathazhwan and Andal only ate what they got as bhiksha (alms). One season it rained heavily for several days the couple did not get any alms. Andal used to think about the various food offerings made to Bhagwan Vishnu (Ranganatha) in the Srirangam Temple.

Andal thought how Bhagavan was having food when her husband was starving. The ever merciful and compassionate, Bhagavan Vishnu ordered the priests to take the food offered to him to Koorathazhwan and Andal.

Koorathazhwan wondered why Bhagwan Vishnu served him food. Andal then told her that she had worried in her mind about her husband starving while Bhagavan was offered sumptuous meal.

Koorathazhwan told never to ask Bhagavan anything as he knows always what is best for a devotee.

Koorathazhwan divided the food and took one portion for himself and gave two portions to his wife. After this divine incident the couple was blessed with two scholarly children – Parasara Bhatta and Veda Vyasa Bhatta.