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Symbolism – Sita Taken Away By Ravana And The Spiritual Journey

Kidnapping Mata Sita by Ravana is the most important incident in the Ramayana. For a spiritual aspirant, there is deep symbolism in Ravana taking away Mata Sita as it is similar to a spiritual journey. Mata Sita transgresses the Lakshmana Reka due to ignorance and also due to attachment to social values. Thus she is taken away from Rama – the supreme truth.

But Mata Sita soon takes control of herself and engages in the spiritual path until she is united with Bhagavan Sri Rama – the Absolute Reality. This is the goal of every spiritual journey.

Symbolism – Sita Taken Away By Ravana And The Spiritual Journey

Every spiritual aspirant makes mistakes during the spiritual journey. But instead of brooding over the mistakes and repeating them, we need to take control of our spiritual journey.

In Ashoka Vana in Lanka, she is in the midst of temptations, fear, confusion and non-belief. All these happen to a spiritual devotee too. Temptations will rise until senses are in control. Fear is the product of ignorance that there is a second. Confusion is created by non-believers and society. We may also question the journey itself. We have to overcome all this before we achieve spiritual light.

Ravana is the symbol of the assaults on the senses and organs of the body. The ten head of Ravan represents the various temptations on the body.

Mata Sita abides by her dharma and in her mind concentrates on Rama alone, just as a jnani is engaged in Brahma Dhyana.

 The mind has to be trained to reject the demands of the senses that are drawn to worldly attractions.

Rigorous training, tremendous effort, and unwavering concentration without yielding to disappointments despite frequent failures are absolutely essential for achieving the blissful union with the Absolute Reality.