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Clean - Organized Home And Workplace - Spiritual Goal

Why we do not have a clean and organized home or workplace? Because we are busy or we are lazy. When we are unorganized for a long period we get used to it. We do not even realize how messy we are. This will affect our mental wellbeing. Clean and organized workplace and home should be part of our spiritual goal.

When we have a neat and organized home or workplace, we will be more organized, there will be easy access to things, there will be space utilization, there will be harmony and there will not be any irritability.

The mess in our surroundings affects us unconsciously. We must always remember that our home and workplace is a reflection of our inner world.

The best place to start the cleaning process is from our home.

When we do the cleaning process, we will come across many things that we do not need. However, there will be people who will be happy to possess them. It can be clothes, shoes, toys, utensil etc.

When we give them away to the needy, we will feel happy, light and more organized.

Do not have the hope that we can clean years mess in a day. Do it slowly, find an hour a day. Let this be a meditative experience. Do not blame or shout at others for the clutter.

When we are cleaning up the exterior, we are also cleaning up our inner world.