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Integrity - The Very Soul of Successful Management

Integrity is the very soul of successful management. Integrity implies an ‘uncompromising adherence to moral and ethical principles’ or ‘the soundness of moral character’.

Integrity is an individual virtue. But when a group of individuals jointly pursues an ethical course, then the group is rendered a value based corporate.

Many intelligent managers argue that occasional dishonesty is part and parcel of being successful in business. Unfortunately, such managers know little of human nature or of universal ethical principles.

No enduring success or good has ever been achieved by fraud or dishonesty. If we study the history of business houses that have had enduring success spanning generations, we will find that the managers at their helm possessed sound moral character and integrity. 

Conversely, individuals amassing wealth through unfair means invariably get exposed in time and lose both their wealth and reputation.

Integrity brings strength and courage. An upright person never tries to project a false image of him or herself. That makes for fearlessness. A person with integrity is a person with deep convictions.

This honesty and sticking to one’s convictions make for character. Such persons can face and surmount all obstacles. Rectitude in one’s dealings also inspires faith and confidence in others. Individuals and groups feel secure and comfortable dealing with such people. With such people around, business is bound to grow and prosper.

Genuinely successful managers know that their happiness depends on the happiness of others. They feel compelled to ensure that none of their fellow beings remain victims of poverty or misery. Living for others becomes a way of life with them. Social welfare is one of their most important corporate goals. The respect and dignity that such individuals command from society is, however, only a by-product of their actions. More important is the sense of fulfilment and bliss that they experience within. It is for this reason that students of management must expand on all sides. Their vision should be as broad as the sky, their heart as deep as the ocean. 

Source - Prabuddha Bharata May 2007 excerpts from an article by Swami Satyarupananda