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Yogaswami Teachings

Yogaswami (1872–1964) was a great soul who spent his time on earth in Sri Lanka. He was a spec in the unbreakable tradition which begins and ends with Shiva. 

Look at those trees. The trees are meditating. Meditation is silence. If you realize that you really know nothing, then you will be truly meditating. Such truthfulness is the right soil for silence. Silence is meditation.

You must be simple. You must be utterly naked in your consciousness. When you have reduced yourself to nothing — when your "self" has disappeared — when you have become nothing, then you are yourself God. The man who is nothing knows God, for God is nothing. Nothing is everything. Because I am nothing, you see, because I am a beggar, I own everything. So nothing means everything. Understand?' 

Yogaswami Teachings

The state of nothingness means that you genuinely desire nothing. It means that you can honestly say that you know nothing. It also means that you are not interested in doing anything about this state of nothingness.

There is silence when you realize that there is nothing to gain and nothing to lose.

There is only one temple, and that is the temple of yourself. And to find God you have to know this temple of yourself. There is no other temple. No one can save you.

Don't believe anyone who promises to help you. No one will help because no one can. Another may point the way, but you have to do the walking.

Why do you all come to see me?!... I am just as much a fool as any of you. I am searching, groping in the dark, trying to understand. I really cannot help you. There is nothing that you can take away from here.

Chellappan used to say that there is not a thing that is evil. When God is everywhere, how can there be a place for evil? There are changes and they sometimes appear evil. Everything is at work. Only God knows what He is about. There is balance and order in the universe. Parashakti adjusts herself to maintain this balance and order.

You are Siva. I am Siva. All are Siva. Remaining summa (free) is also Siva.

There is nothing to know. Remain summa (free).

I don't know. Why do you want to know? Just be as you are.

Don't take anything from eyes, from ears, from mouth, from hands — just sit. Summa eru." (sit free)

Do not be a lamb and roam about from place to place. Sit down and meditate and roar like a lion. I am telling this to myself about myself. I am not telling this to you and you are not hearing me.

You have everything. You are the whole world. Why? Because the kingdom of God is within you. Then why do you want to run about and beg?

There is no sannyasin in the whole world. I am the only sannyasin.

I am here, I am there, I am everywhere! And I am the madman who knows it!