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Adhi Yoga – A Highly Beneficial Astrological Concept In Hinduism

The combination of Adhi Yoga happens when beneficial planets occupy the sixth, seventh and eighth houses from the Moon in one’s horoscope. A person who has this combination will be polite and trustworthy person; the person will have an enjoyable and happy life, surrounded by luxuries. The person will be wealthy and live long, and inflict defeat on his enemies.

Astrologers, such as Varahamihira (6th century AD) have studied the combination a great deal, but they differ in its definitions. While some claim that the mere presence of benefactions in the sixth and seventh and eighth houses constitute this yoga, other opine that those planets should not be associated with malefactions.

A third category of scholars hold that apart from these two conditions, adhi yoga gets fully constituted only when the fourth house (in a natal chart) is occupied by a natural benefactor like Jupiter.

However, most modern scholars agree that the presence of benefactions in the sixth, seventh and eighth houses is sufficient to give rise to adhi yoga.

The benefactions may be in these three houses or in two houses, or all of them may be in anyone of these houses.

If there is one planet in full strength in any of these houses, the person become a leader.
If there are two, he will be a minister, and if there are three, he will occupy a very eminent position and will be remembered long after his death.

However, if all the three benefactions, devoid of their intrinsic strength, are in the position as mentioned above, the influence extended by them on his life would be pretty ordinary. Quite the contrary would be the result when at least two of them occupy their exalted or own sign. Adhi yoga is a powerful yoga and may be considered equivalent to raja yoga in its attainment.

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