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Samarth Ramdas Teachings

A small collection of teachings of Samarth Ramdas.

Real knowledge is Self Knowledge – Vision of the Self by the Self.

Real knowledge consists in knowing God, in recognizing His eternal form, in distinguishing the real from the unreal.

Real Knowledge goes beyond the mind, beyond the intellect, beyond all argumentation. It goes even beyond the Beyond, and beyond the highest stage of speech.

It is good to give advice to others that they should meditate on the supreme sentence, “That art thou”; but this does not mean that they should take a rosary in their hands and count the sentence in their minds.

What is wanted is meditation on the substance of that great Sentence…

Difficult indeed is that knowledge by which one attains to one’s Self, to one’s original Form, which is self born and eternal.

That indeed is the Form from which all this comes out. That is indeed the Form, by knowing which all ignorance comes to an end.
Samarth Ramdas