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How To Manage Our Disappointments Effectively?

Disappointments are inevitable in life. If we are ready to face disillusionment and move on, then there are numerous simple ways to handling disappointments. Here are few easy ways to to manage disappointments effectively.

There is no point in moving around with a sour face for the rest of the life just because we had disappointments in life. Just because life has been unfair to us does not mean that we should spread negativity by moving around with curdled expressions, malevolent eyes, and nary smile.

Such embittered souls make life difficult for them but also of those around them.

How can people find happiness and hope around someone who never has a good thing to say about anyone or anything. So if your friends are abandoning you, blame it on your attitude.

Life doles out different types of dishes. Some of them might not be to our liking. Instead of only focusing on the dishes of not our liking, we should explore other dishes and find those that we like.

Handling disappointments determines a person’s character and life.

We need to develop equanimity in life. There should be maturity in our response to both success and failure.

We are never taught on how to deal with disappointments in life in school or by parents. But Bhagavad Gita has valuable lessons on dealing with them.
Absence of conceit and pretence, refusal to hurt, glad acceptance, rectitude, service to the teacher, inner and outer purity, perseverance, mastery over mind. 
Dispassionate towards sense objects, absence of self importance, knowledge of the limitation of birth, death, old age, illness and pain. 
Absence of sense of ownership, absence of obsession towards son, wife, house and the others, persistent equanimity towards all pleasant and unpleasant events. (Gita Chapter 13)

When we face disappointments in life, we should not

  • Get angry
  • Become depressed
  • Sulk
  • Play blame game
  • Get discouraged
  • Accept defeat
  • Become grumpy
  • Withdraw into oneself
  • Lick the wounds of self-piety
  • Prolong disenchantment.
  • Stay away from friends and well wishers
  • Develop sour facial features

How to face disappointments?

  • Maturity
  • Realistic expectations.
  • Always keep a plan B ready.
  • There is nothing wrong with being disappointed but you should know when to put an end to it and get over it.
  • Have a proper understanding of the situation.
  • There is always an opportunity hidden in an adversity.
  • Be spiritual and read the Bhagavad Gita from a young age. This will help us facing life better.
  • Know that there innumerable options in life.
  • Instead of sitting dejected move on…search for new pastures and hoist your victory flag.