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Hindu Religion Teachings On Attachment

A small collection of teachings on attachment from Hindu religion.

Attachment is a problem.

Attachment means depending on another person for our own security, happiness and comfortable feeling!

Attachment is a potential source of sorrow – if the person dies, we are very much affected by the loss. So we see that death is not the cause of sorrow, but our dependence on the person who died and our psychological weakness for that person is the cause of sorrow.

We often get confused between love and attachment. Love is a positive virtue.

In attachment I depend on the other person, whereas in love, I allow another person to depend on me. Love is born out of independence and strength and there is less expectation.

Attachment is born out of weakness, dependence and there are expectations.

Sorrow is caused only by attachment. This problem of attachment is universal.

The attachment to the work leads to suffering and bondage. One must learn to follow svadharma or one’s assigned duties, without attachment to the work or its fruits.

(Source – an unnamed article on Bhagavad Gita titled “Why Study the Gita.”)