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Five Natural Magical Things In Hindu Scriptures That Can Do the Impossible

When we read Hindu scriptures, we get to know about natural magical things that can perform the impossible task. It can change the life of a person forever. Here are five magical things mentioned in Hindu scriptures, which might or might not exist in real.

Paras Mani – It is believed that Paras Mani has the power to turn anything into gold. Humans have never seen it. Legends have it that crows can recognize Paras Mani. Many believe it is a rare kind of stone. It is believed that Paras Mani is found in the Himalayan region.

Five Natural Magical Things in Hindu Scriptures That Can Do the Impossible

Somras – The wine made using soma plant and other natural ingredients are mentioned in the Vedas. Somras is mentioned in Rig Veda, Atharva Veda, Mahabharata, Ramayana, and Puranas. It is believed that drinking the wine will make a person immortal.

Nagmani – Nagmani is in the possession of certain snakes. The person who has the possession of Nagmani will have all his wishes fulfilled. No one has ever seen it. It is said that no material on earth has a glow like that of Nagmani. Films and stories suggest it is the brightest diamond on earth.

Sanjeevani Booti – There have been many claims of identifying the Sanjeevani Booti herb that helped save the life of Lakshman in the Ramayana. However, nothing has been corroborated. Sanjeevani Booti has the power to cure any disease. It can magically heal wounds. 

Kalpavriksha – Information about this tree is found in the Puranas and epics. The tree is yet to be identified. It is said that wishes made under the tree will be fulfilled.

Note – Hindu scriptures are symbolical. These five things might have deep symbolic significance, which we humans are yet to decipher or understand. There are more such things in Hindu scriptures. These are just five of them.