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To Eliminate Weaknesses Be Aware Of It

We all have weaknesses, bad habits and negative traits, the only way to eliminate them is to be aware of them and to accept them and to work tirelessly towards their removal. Some bad habits are physically visible like smoking, drinking, lust etc…

Sometimes we must be not even aware that we have bad personality traits. We can have any one or more of the following negative traits messy, lazy, selfish, egotist, shy, always distracted, cynical, pessimist, overreacting…

Therefore, we need to accept our weaknesses – those we are aware off and those are not aware off.
When we know something is wrong, we will make an effort to rectify it.

Once we pay attention to a particular weakness, we will soon find numerous solutions to a host of issues we are facing.

Be honest…for example if we are shy then accept it. Do not try to cover it up. Work slowly towards getting rid of it.

We cannot work with a broken machine for long time. We will need to fix it sooner or later. If we are not ready to fix it, people will soon abandon it.