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Shani and Peepal Tree – Puja of Shani Bhagavan Under Peepal Tree

Performing puja to Shani Bhagavan under peepal tree is considered highly beneficial and virtuous. The puja helps in avoiding all types of Shani related trouble in horoscope or janam kundli including Sade Sati.


  • It helps in improving relationship with others.
  • Financial problems will be solved.
  • All job and career related issues will be solved.

How to do Shani Puja under Peepal tree?

  • The puja can be performed by both men and women.
  • Wake up early in the morning on Saturday and take bath.
  • Wear black color dress and offer prayers to Ganesha.
  • Find a peepal tree and under it make a clean spot.
  • Apply cow dung to the place.
  • Keep a kalash filled with water, black urad dal, a small piece of iron and coal. Close the mouth of the kalash with a coconut. Tie a black thread on the neck of the kalash. Keep this on the cow dung. If you have Shani murti or picture you can keep that too but not necessary.
  • Light lamp using mustard oil. See your face on the mustard oil before using the oil. Use one wick.
  • Do dhoop of fragrant flowers.
  • Offer dark flowers which are close to black or brown in color.
  • Offer food prepared using urad dal or black in color.
  • Take a black thread, tie one end of it on the peepal tree, and walk around it seven times.
  • Offer water to peepal tree.
  • Chant the mantra sham shanicharaya namah (शं शनैश्चराय भव्याय नमः) 108 times.

Do this puja on four consecutive Saturdays.
Deposit the kalash items under a tree. Take the coconut home and use it to prepare sweet. Distribute it among family members and friends.
On the fourth Saturday, plant a peepal tree and shami tree and take care of it.