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Friendship – Become a Real Friend

We all want to have a real good friend. But we are never bothered to become a good and trustworthy friend. Do not wait for a true friend. We can become a real friend.

A true friend need not be your classmate or from your society or neighborhood or of the same age.

Friend can be from the family too. True friendship is that which breaks all barriers and shows the highest form of love. Friendship is love without expectations.

Friendship – Become a Real Friend

Means and greed should not be the reason for friendship. Such a relationship is not friendship it is business or convenience. 

True friendship is the purest form of relationship. There is no give and take. There is no tolerating. There is no expectation.

In friendship, sharing should be given importance not using and needing the other.

When we share our joy, dance, song, happiness…it multiplies…it grows…it creates positivity.

When you make friendship with a hidden motive, it will always end in disaster.

Always respect your friend’s individuality. Never impose your personality, likes and dislikes.

In this fast moving world, a friend might not always be there when you are in danger. Instead of complaining, empathize with your friend.

Always respect your friend’s decision to come or not to come for an event or special occasion. Never rate your friend by attendance.