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Samanta Panchaka – Gopis Met Krishna Again At This Place After A Long Period of Time

Gopis never saw Krishna after he left Vrindavan for Mathura. They met Sri Krishna again after several years at Samanta Panchaka.

Kurukshetra in the Mahabharata was also called Samanta Panchaka because of the five lakes created there by Parshuram Avatar of Bhagwan Vishnu. The place was famous from ancient times due to the penance performed by Parashuram to eradicate the sins of killing the evil kings 21 times. It is believed that Sri Krishna along with Pandavas visited the place during a total eclipse. Not just them but it is believed that all great sages, kings, royal families, common folk arrived at Samanta Panchaka.

The entire population of Vrindavan too was present at Samanta Panchaka as they knew Sri Krishna would surely arrive to take holy dip in the sacred lakes there during the solar eclipse.

Sri Krishna met Nanda and Yashoda, his foster parents, after several years.

The gopis of Vrindavan too arrived at Samanta Panchaka and they had a look at their dearest Krishna from a distance and they gazed at him steadily and drew him unto themselves through their eyes and embraced him mentally and attained that state of supreme Krishna consciousness which even the great Yogis reach with great difficulty in their meditation. Krishna met the Gopis privately and consoled them and imparted to them the highest spiritual knowledge.

It is said that Sri Krishna lived with the people of Vrindavan at Samanta Panchaka for three months.