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Birth Of Karna In The Mahabharata - Son Of Kunti And Surya

As a child, Kunti, also known as Pritha, was adopted by King Kuntibhoja. One day during her adolescence, Sage Durvasa visited the palace of Kuntibhoja. Sage Durvasa was an eccentric, irascible and fiery sage. The king did not wish to earn the displeasure of the fiery sage and get cursed. So he deputed Kunti to serve the sage. The story of the birth of Karna in the Mahabharata begins here.

Birth Of Karna In The Mahabharata - Son Of Kunti And Surya

Kunti was large-eyed and well endowed. She served Durvasa well but their relationship was never cordial. 

Pleased with her devotion and dedication, Kunti was given the boon through which she could summon any God and have children.

Kunt was attracted to the Sun (Surya Bhagavan) and she always saw a radiant being in the rising Sun. Soon after the sage left, she used the mantra to summon, Surya, the Sun god.

Kunti was overpowered by desire and fear. She made love to Surya. Soon she realized she was no longer a virgin. Surya consoled her and gave her two boons.

Surya gave her the boon that her virginity will be restored and that she will give birth to a powerful son who will always be protected by him.

In due course of time, Kunti gave birth to a son who had a natural armor and earrings. The natural armor and earrings were blessing from his father Surya.

After giving birth to Karna, she sets the newborn afloat in a basket in a river, as she was unmarried.