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Gold Turtle Similar To Kurma Avatar of Vishnu Seen Live In Nepal – Meaning - Significance

A dazzling gold turtle was discovered in Nepal recently and is similar to the Kurma Avatar of Bhagwan Vishnu. Kurma Avatar of Bhagavan Vishnu appeared to support the Meru Mountain which was used as the churning rod in the samudra manthan episode mentioned in the Puranas. The appearance of Kurma Avatar during this difficult period of humanity should be seen as a sign of auspiciousness. It is asking human beings to return to nature, to stop the plundering and destruction of nature. Human species can survive only when it respects other living beings and learn to share and care for all life forms.

Golden Turtle Spotted In Nepal

Kurma Avatar happened during the Satya Yuga and it is the second avatar of Bhagwan Vishnu. The avatar is also known as Adi Kurma Avatar.

Kurma Avatar has great symbolic significance and its sighting in Kali Yuga (the present age) should not be ignored.

Karma Vasanas form the big churning rod – Meru Mountain. The spirit of dedication to Bhagavan is Vasuki Snake, the rope for churning. The two opposing forces in one’s heart (Gods and Demons) are to be brought together to churn one’s own mind-intellect-go entity (the chit) in a spirit cooperative endeavor to bring out the latent qualities to bless one’s own life. In the process of churning, when the Karma Vasanas slip down from the holds of dedicated work into passive inactivity, the ever merciful Bhagavan Vishnu supports and uplifts the constructive Vasanas for us to continue the churning. (notes from Glory Of Krishna - page 47 - published by Central Chinmaya Mission Trust Mumbai in 2001)

The sacred and divine Kurma Avatar of Bhagavan is the unseen hand which reaches out with its wide sweep and strength to help us.