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Demons Mentioned In Rig Veda

Numerous demons are mentioned in the Rig Veda and the most famous among them is Vritra. Majority of demons in Rig Veda are personification of drought and they are destroyed by Indra, the god of rains. Here is a look at some of the demons mentioned in Rig Veda.

Pani – This group of demons used to move in air. They spread disbelief and confusion among the people. The caused anarchy and slander. They used various methods to convince people to stop yagnas.

Vritra – He was the drought demon. He was also known as Ahi. The demon caused severe drought on earth. Indra using Vajra weapon killed the demon and ended the drought on earth.

Karanja – This minor demon used to cause hardship to people and other living beings.

Kratudvisha is a common terms used by the demons who caused disruption of the yagnas.

Paranaya is a demons mentioned in Rig Veda. Paka was another powerful demon killed by Indra.

Vangrida is a powerful demon who caused hardships to people who ventured into forests. Vyansa is yet another demon who caused drought.

Pipru is another demon that caused hardship to people and he was killed by Indra.

Puloman was the father of Sachi, wife of Indra. He was a demon and was killed by Indra, as he objected to Indra marrying Sachi.

Saharaksha is the fire demon unleashed by Asuras on Devas, sages and human beings.

Sushna is another demon killed by Indra. He caused drought.

Urnavabha is yet another demon who is believed to have disrupted the seasons.