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Why Ceylon Ebony Tree Has Black Wood? – Story In Hinduism

Ceylon ebony is famous for its black hardwood. The tree is found throughout South India and Sri Lanka. There is a story in Hinduism that connects the reason for the black hardwood of ebony with Hanuman of Ramayana.

Ceylon Ebony is also known as East Indian ebony tree.

Why Ceylon Ebony Tree Has Black Wood? – Story In Hinduism

According to a tribal story in Odisha, the reason for the wood of Ceylon ebony being black, goes back to the Ramayana. Before the final battle of Ramayana took place, Hanuman arrived in Lanka to find about whereabouts of Mata Sita. He was also on a mission to survey the formidable city of Lanka.

After meeting Mata Sita, Hanuman allowed himself to be captured by the soldiers of Ravana. The king of Lanka ordered that piece of cloth soaked in oil should be tied to the tail of Hanuman and lit. Ravana thought that this would burn Hanuman alive.

Contrary to Ravana’s hopes, Hanuman burned the city of Lanka. After he had jumped back to safety, he removed the ash on his tail. He the wiped his blackened hands on the Ceylon ebony tree and its wood turned black.