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Bheel Bharata Story Of Birth of Gandhari And Kunti

Bheel Bharata is based on the Mahabharata and it is narrated by the Doongri Bhils of Gujarat. The story of the birth of Gandhari and Kunti in the Bhil Bharata is unique and interesting.

Once, Sapta Rishis, seven sages, were sitting in deep meditation. The intense meditation of the Sapta Rishis attracted divine visitors. Shiva and Shakti also heard about the powerful Tapas. They decided to have a look at the seven sages.

Story of the Birth of Gandhari and Kunti in the Bheel Bharata

Shiva and Shakti took the form of eagles and went to see them.

When the eagles flew near the Sapta Rishis, they were distracted by a strong wind.

The female eagle was impaled in one of the tridents of the sages.

When the sages opened their eyes, they were saddened to see a dead eagle on the trident.

They decided to use their powers to bring it back to life.

From the flesh of the eagle emerged Kunti and from its bones was born Gandhari.

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