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Story Of Sukadeva And Maidens – The Divine Without A Second

One became the symbol of the primordial One, the divine without a second, the non-polarized existence – Sukadeva, son of Sage Vyasa, was one who had merged in Supreme Truth while living on earth. There is a famous story of Sukadeva meeting nude celestial maidens.

Story Of Sukadeva And Maidens – The Divine Without A Second

Sukadeva wandered the forests of the Himalayas, imparting his knowledge to those who sought his wisdom. He was completely nude to the ignorant. One day he met nymphs in a merry mood, playing in a beautiful blue lake studded with water-lilies. Happy at the sight of him, they came out and greeted the young Sage. Purity was the robe he wore to cover his naked form. The nymphs too, though unclad, were not in the least abashed in his presence.

A while later Sage Vyasa came by, and though he was fully dressed, the damsels who were singing and dancing below a shady tree ran in all directions to cover their shame. Surprised beyond words, the old man asked: 'How can it be that you showed no shame in the presence of my son, whose body was bare and uncovered, yet before me, who am full of years, you hide behind bushes and trees?'

'What you say is true, O Sage Vyasa. Forgive our saying so, but while there is not the slightest trace of desire in your son Sukadeva, there is still a sense of difference between man and woman in you. That is why we hide.'