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To Chase Your Dreams You Need To Have These Qualities

If you want to achieve your dream, you need to break the natural order of things. Dreams are never achieved when you follow a set pattern or by staying in the comfort zone.

Following your dream means, you will walk a path that is not followed by the majority. To walk a different path you need courage and conviction.

As no one has walked before in the path, there will be difficulties and problems. You might fall and break a bone or two in the process. This is natural when you follow your dream.

You will face stiff resistance from people who are used to set pattern. There will be pressure from family to follow the order. Relationships will come under strain.

The path will never be an easy one. You need to be prepared for conflict and disruption.

Never take the path if you are not prepared to face the difficulties.

One needs to be prepared to face and overcome bitter opposition, loneliness, accusations, mockery, financial difficulties, abandonment…

Your friends, relatives, family members and people around you will not participate in the path making because they do not like to depart from the established norms. But once you cut the path, they will be the first ones to walk through it.

If you wish to chase your dream, you need to have:
  • Trust in your ability
  • Honesty
  • Clarity of thought
  • Clarity of purpose
  • Determination
  • Ability to maintain balance and composure when the ground beneath you starts shaking
  • To remain focused on achieving desired goal
  • Do not expect people to appreciate you and show empathy
  • Tons of courage and patience
  • Single-minded purpose.
  • Self-discipline
  • Your methods might fail but you should not fail. There is no room for disheartedness.
  • Do not be rigid.
  • Have the openness and flexibility to experiment.
  • Always have a balanced approach.
Abhilash Rajendran