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Practice Contemplation to Have Control over Feelings

We are constantly bombarded with feelings – happy, sad, angry, fear, irritation, passion, desire, sexual… There is no end to our feelings. They are either pleasant or unpleasant. They keep coming and going. Until and unless we are aware of each feeling, we will not be able to have control over them. If we do not have control over them, our life becomes a complete mess. To become aware of each feeling we need to practice contemplation.

Someone says ‘you are smart and you did an excellent work.’ You become happy. This same person on another day says ‘you are useless.’ You become sad and depressed.

Whether good or bad we should not become the slave of our feelings. We should have total control over it.

We need to know about the source of each feeling, and what is triggering it.

We should be totally aware of what is happening within us. Our mind should be in our control.

Our aim should be to overcome this classification of pleasant and unpleasant. We should not be emotionally disturbed by any feeling.

We need to learn to live in the present and navigate through each feeling.

Avoid giving undue importance to other people’s comment and opinions. Do your work honestly and then forget it.

No feeling lasts for a long duration. They come and go. We should not try to hold on to them.

Keep flowing like a river. Keep constantly washing away the feelings. Try to remain pure and clean both physically and mentally.