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Hinduism Quotes

A small collection of Hinduism Quotes which explains why Hindu religion is eternal or Sanatana.

Indian culture intrinsically has no place or religious fundamentalism; it is an open culture in constant pursuit of inquiry. It has an inbuilt capacity to correct and renew itself.

Bliss or happiness is the form of Ātman. Ātman and Bliss are not two but just one. There is no inherent happiness in the objects of the world. The jīva, out of ignorance, assumes that it comes from the objects. The musk deer carries the fragrant musk within itself. Unaware of this and assuming that it emanates from a source outside of itself, it wanders all over searching for it. Until the jīva knows that his own essential nature is matchless bliss he will, like the musk deer, be confused and misled. (Commentary on Anuvāda Nūnmālai, pp. 369-370)

Scriptural compositions are endless. There is great deal to be known. The obstacles are many, but the time available is short. Therefore, the essence of all these must be discerned and pursued vigorously, like swans separating milk mixed with water.

The wise one should accept whatever is reasonable, told even by a child. Anything otherwise, even if stated by Brahma, the creator, is to be summarily rejected like a blade of grass.

Truth alone shall prevail, not falsehood.

Only one exists; sages call it by various names.

Let all meet and think as with one mind. Let all hearts unite in love. Let the goal be common. May all live in happiness with a common purpose.

As you would not bark back at a dog, do not waste your time arguing with people.

It is well to remember that the search for pleasure invariably leads to pain.


Materialistic or spiritual, it is according to your outlook. Drishtim jnanamayim kritva, Brahma mayam pasyet jagat. Make your outlook right. The Creator knows how to take care of His Creation. (Ramana Maharshi)

Young Prahlad says to Narasimha Avatar of Lord Vishnu - You, the Lord of entire creation, are always all-fulfilled by virtue of your own nature and glory, and hence do not need any adoration, praise or offering from any one. Those who praise and make offerings to you, do so out of their own ignorance. And you seem to accept all this solely because of your own mercy. Whatever praise, worship or adoration is showered on you, all that conduces to the worshipper's own development, as is the case with the anointment done to the reflected face on oneself, whom the mirror reflects.

We cannot live without the mirror. The mirror is made by us. It is hung on the wall or mounted suitably to serve our purpose. By looking into it alone we can see our face and decorate it variously. Whatever we do to the face in the mirror does not touch the mirror at all. Instead all of it verily falls on one’s own face. Likewise, any praise, worship or similar acts done to God verily enrich, empower and elevate the worshipper himself, not God.


Bhakti is not different from mukti. Bhakti is being as the Self (swarupa). One is always that. He realises it by the means he adopts. What is bhakti? To think of God. That means only one thought  prevails  to  the  exclusion  of  all  other  thoughts.  That  thought is of God which is the Self or it is the self surrendered unto God. When He has taken you up nothing will assail. The absence of thought is bhakti. It is also mukti. (Sri Ramana Maharshi)

That  state  of  mind  is  called  Bhakti  (divine  love)  wherein  all  movements of thought go automatically to the lotus feet of the Lord and stick to them forever just as the seed of Ankola tree (on falling) gravitates to the parent tree, the iron needle to the magnetic stone, the devoted wife to her husband, the creeper to the tree and the river to the ocean. (Adi Shankaracharya)


We know nothing about the past or the yugas which were in the past. Nor do we know about the future. But we know the present exists. Let us know about it first. Then all other doubts will cease... Time and space always change, but there is something which is eternal and changeless. For example, the world and time, past or future, nothing exists for us during sleep. But we exist. Let us try to find out that which is changeless and which always exists. How will it benefit us to know that the kaliyuga started in such and such a year and that it would end so many years after now? (Sri Ramana Maharshi)