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How To Know Whether A Guru Is fake Or Real?

There is no dearth of fake gurus and babas in our society. It is nearly impossible to locate a real Guru as we are bombarded with fake business gurus. So how to know whether a Guru is fake or real.

The Guru is fake:
  • If the Guru uses fear in any form to keep you in control know that Guru to be fake.
  • If the Guru performs miracles like taking out materialistic things from thin air then he is a fake Guru. He is not a guru but a magician.
  • If the Guru promises fulfillment of your desires then know him to be fake.
  • Real Guru never advertises.
  • If the person constantly reminds you that you are lacking enlightenment and knowledge, then know him to be not real.
  • If the Guru predicts your future, then scares you and consoles you with remedies, know him to be fake.
  • If a Guru runs schools, colleges, hospitals, and performs other charitable works, that person is a philanthropist not a Guru who can enlighten you.
  • If we are going with unfulfilled desires and fears to a Guru; and the person welcomes you and consoles you with a promise of desire fulfillment know that Guru to be fake.
Who is a real Guru:
  • A truly realized person will never become a Guru. But like flowers attracting bees and butterflies, the person will attract spiritually starved souls, who are on the look out to find answers to universal questions.
  • A true guru will not have the paraphernalia that we have come to associate with Gurus and Babas in this modern age. The Guru can be a worker, beggar, CEO, housewife…anything. 
  • A Guru will not offer anything new or exotic to you, the Guru will only wash away the dirt that is stopping you from connecting with the Supreme Truth.
  • Guru is one who will take out your fear, sin, and ignorance. Guru only shows the path, it is you who have to walk to light. Guru will not walk for you.
  • Guru stops you from looking external. He encourages you to look internal.