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Waves of Suffering Will be Replaced With Bliss When Truth Is Realized

When we are suffering physically, mentally, personally and socially we always remember God. We offer prayers, pujas and perform vrat regularly. We look for the divine hand to get us out of suffering. But once the suffering is over our pujas, prayers and vrats become scanty.

We return back to God regularly only when the next wave of suffering sets in. But if a person properly understands Supreme Truth then there will be no waves of suffering in life. There will be stillness, calmness, and bliss. There is no need of going back and forth to God. You will be self-realized.

Desires of life are like waves in the ocean. There is no end to it. Every desire has suffering attached to it. Some waves of desire are so powerful that it can drown the person – there will be no recovery. The waves are momentary – they do not exist forever – but we think the waves to be permanent. This is what Hindu scriptures refer to as illusion or Maya. We only see the waves but not the all-powerful calm ocean. Go in search of the real by giving up fleeting desires, which only cause pain, and suffering.


There is no point in going on reading, writing and listening, if you have no real experience. The reason for the rise in the number of fake godmen is because the population of self-realized people is minuscule. Both the leader and the followers are fake. They are on a mission to fulfill life desires. No one is interested in self-realization. The only difference between fake godmen and their followers is that the godmen are street smart and knows that their followers are vulnerable due to their desires. So they make use of this vulnerability to take advantage of their followers both physically, mentally and financially.

Bhagavad Gita is available for free. Read it. Contemplate. Then go out into the real life and see how each shloka in it is played out daily. Gita gives you solutions to all the problems in the world. But you need to pick it up and read it and then realize it through life experience.


Use words that are not filled with ego. Words that come out of us should give hope and joy to the listener. The body language of ours should not be controlled by our ego. Ego only leads us to unhappiness – both physical and mental. Keep ego out of our words and actions.