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Stop Finding Excuse In Philosophy

A steady income, clean water, and food, a small but neat place to live are part of the essential and we all should work hard for the essential. Then be content with what we have. Not working hard for the essential, finding reason and excuse in philosophy is nothing but laziness.

Rejoice in the way things are but only after attaining the necessary. The philosopher who said to rejoice in the way things are did not mean to live in filth and without working or by cheating. What he meant was not to be greedy – not to run madly after possessions.

Some people have this uncanny knack of distorting philosophy and religious teachings for their own purpose. People who are lazy, afraid of failure, not ready to work hard or be committed or be dedicated or disciplined or experiment distort philosophy and find refuge in them.

Every living being in the universe works hard for the essential. It is only human beings who have an issue with working. We are either lazy or we use unscrupulous methods to amass wealth. We all should have some possessions. But at the same time, we should not drown in our own possessions. Wealth should be only accumulated through truthful means.

Keep what is essential for us and get rid of the rest. This just does not apply to things alone. It also applies to our mindset. We should get things necessary for a peaceful life. Too much possession makes life stressful, less efficient, less peaceful and less attractive.