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Matsya Dwadashi 2024 Date - Mantra - How to Observe Puja to Matsya Avatar of Vishnu?

Matsya Dwadashi is dedicated to the Matsya Avatar of Sri Vishnu. It is observed on the 12th day of waxing phase of moon in Kartik month by some communities and also on the 12th day of the waxing phase of moon in the Margashirsh month. Matsya Dwadashi 2024 date in Kartik month is on November 13. For those who observe it in the Margashirsh month it is on December 12, 2024.

The prayers and rituals on the day will help a person in the redemption of sins. It is also believed that proper observance of Matsya Dwadashi will help in attaining moksha.

Matsya Dwadashi Mantra

वंदे नवघनश्यामम् पीत कौशेयवाससम्।
सानंदम् सुंदरम् शुद्धम् श्रीकृष्णम् प्रकृतेः परम्॥


 मत्स्यरूपाय नमः॥

How to Observe Matsya Dwadashi?

Fast on Ekadasi, the previous day of Dwadashi.

Good clay or mud, which can be applied to the human body, is brought home. This is then offered Surya, the Hindu sun god. This is then applied to the body. A devotee then offers prayers to Aditya (sun) and takes bath.

Next puja is to the Narayan form of Vishnu.

Four vessels are filled with water. White or yellow color flowers are put in them. The vessels are closed and til is kept on top of them. They now symbolically represents four seas and it is worshipped. After puja, the water is poured under plants and trees.

Next worship is to the Matsya Avatar of Vishnu. A yellow color metal murti of Matsya is worshipped.

Yellow color food, clothes, and vessels are donated on the day.

As per Hinduism, life began in water and life exists because of water. Matsya Avatar had appeared to annihilate the demon and retrieve the Vedas stolen by the demon.

Belief is prayers and worship to Vishnu on the day will help in alleviating all forms of unhappiness. It helps in sin redemption. Pujas on the day help in desire fulfillment and protection of family members and wealth.

The lamp on the day should lit using ghee mixed with turmeric.

The fragrance of the day should be of jasmine flower.

Kesar and marigold flowers should be offered.

Sweet or food prepared using besan should be offered.

The sweet should be distributed after the puja.

Mantra dedicated to Matsya Avatar should be chanted 108 times. The mantra is मत्स्यरूपाय नमः॥

For desire fulfillment and for peace and prosperity feed fishes on Matsya Dwadashi.

Put some haldi powder (turmeric) in the water and offer prayers. This water should be then poured under a tree. This will help in sin redemption and removal of unhappiness.

For the protection of wealth and health, take nine different types of grains. Put it in water and then pour it under a tree.