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Story Of Rudra In Aitareya Brahmana

There is an interesting legend about the origin of Rudra in Aitareya Brahmana. One day Prajapati, out of intense passion, made love to his own daughter taking the form of a deer. All living beings hated his act of Prajapati. But as he was the first man no one had the strength and courage to oppose or punish Prajapati.

But the anger in the living beings amalgamated into a single ferocious form. It was called Rudra.

The living beings asked Rudra to put an end to the Adharma of Prajapati.

Rudra shot an arrow at Prajapati and killed him.

After this incident, Rudra became the lord of the forests and animals. He also ventured out of his favorite places, the forests and cremation grounds, to put an end to those living beings that performed Adharma.