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Elas Locket In Hindu Religion In Kerala – Importance

Elas locket is of great importance in Hindu religion astrology especially in Kerala. Elas locket is worn around neck, or in hands or around waist. It is a round or square or cylindrical metallic in shape. It is worn to overcome various kinds of difficulties and doshas in life.

Elas Locket has two parts takidu and kodu. Takidu which is a small metallic sheet and tantric mantras are written on it and it is put inside the kodu.

Elas Locket In Hindu Religion In Kerala – Importance

The takidu or small metal sheet on the mantra is written should not be torn or broken and should be inserted inside the kodu without tampering or any kind of breaking.

If the takidu is made of bronze then kodu is made of silver. If the takidu is made of silver then the kodu is made of gold.

Some of the popular elas are:

  • Ashwaroodam - used for fame and prosperity.
  • Bagalamukhi – to defeat enemies
  • Swayamvara Yantram – For early marriage and to solve marriage related problems.
  • Special kind of elas are worn to overcome fear, to solve problems in horoscope, for early cure of diseases and to overcome mental disorders.

The elas is worshipped and special pujas are performed for three to seven days. Kumkum, bhasma and chandan are used during the puja of elas and it will be found on the elas.