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At Amriteshwari Temple At Kota In Udupi Shivlings Keep Appearing

Amrutheshwari Temple located at Kota in Udupi is unique and there is a miracle happening inside the temple premises. At three places inside the Amriteshwari temple, Shivlings keep appearing from earth. One can see new Shivlings growing inside the temple.

At Amriteshwari Temple At Kota In Udupi Shivlings Keep Appearing

History Of Amriteshwari Temple Shivlings

The history of the Shivling in Amriteshwari temple happened in Treta Yuga and is associated with Kharasura, a relative of Ravana, and his wife, Kumbhamukhi. The couple were an ardent devotees of Shiva.

Kumbhamukhi once heard about the cruelty committed by Surpanakha towards Athiprabha, widow of Ekamukhi Rishi. Supanakha fell in love with son of Athiprabha but her advances were rejected by the son. An insulted Surpanakha killed the son.

Kumbhamukhi, a woman who followed Dharma, went to apologize for the heinous crime committed by Surpanakha. Athiprabha who was wailing did not recognize Kumbhamukhi approaching her and thought her to be Surpanakha returning back and cursed her to be childless.

Kumbhamukhi told her husband about the incident and the curse. Kharasura consulted Shukracharya to find a solution. Shukracharya advised Kharasura to perform penance dedicated to Shiva and asked Kumbhamukhi to perform penance dedicated to Mother Goddess Shakti.

Shiva appears before his ardent devotee and blesses him that he will get moksha when he will be killed by the Rama Avatar of Vishnu. Kumbhamukhi gets the vision of Mother Goddess Shakti. She wanted Shiva to born as her son. But Mother Goddess told her that the curse of Athiprabha is very strong as she followed Dharma and therefore she cannot have children in this birth.

Mother Goddess Shakti then told her that she should continue her penance and when her husband will achieve moksha in the hands of Rama, she will too attain moksha and she will merge with Goddess Shakti. The spot she will merge with Goddess Shakti will be a sacred spot and Mother Goddess will appear there as Amriteshwari. In the place, Shivlings will be born in all yugas and childless couples will have children after worshipping there.

The words of Mother Goddess came true and Kumbhamukhi who merged in Mother Goddess Shakti here is responsible for the continuous birth of Shivlings in the Garbhagriha of the shrine. The Shivlings are believed to be the children of Kumbhamukhi who merged in Mother Goddess.