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Pidikkaparambu Anayottam 2024 date – Elephant Running – Pidikkaparambu Shiva Temple Pooram

Pidikkaparambu Shiva temple is located at Vallachira village in Thrissur district, Kerala. Pidikkaparambu Anayottam 2024 date is March 22. The most important annual event in the temple is the Pidikkaparambu Anayottam or elephant running also known as Pidikka Parambu Pooram. The unique event is conducted by the deities in the temples in Perumanam village on the day before Arattupuzha pooram.

Pidikkaparambu Shiva temple has a Shivling which was installed by Parshuram Avatar of Shiva. The deity in the temple is believed to be the fierce form of Shiva who has just heard about the immolation of Goddess Sati at Daksha Yajna.

As Shiva in the temple is both angry and in mourning, no festival is observed in the temple.

So other deities in the nearby shrines who participate in the Arattupuzha pooram, run around the Pidikkaparambu temple atop elephant on the day before Arattupuzha pooram. This ritual has now become famous and is known as Pidikkaparambu Anayottam. Traditional temple music, panchavadyam and pandimelam are part of the annual event.