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Do Not Run Away From Your Feelings

We hide from our feelings to avoid pain and unpleasantness. However, in reality we cannot runaway or hide from our feelings, as they will constantly follow us.

To get away from our feelings we try to use blame, distraction and disassociation. We wear a mask.

We put on a face for everyone else, so that people do not realize how we are really feeling on the inside.

We become an active volcano, which might erupt at any time. And it will surely erupt causing mental and physical damage. It also damages relationships.

Our minds are naturally active and we will come across both positive and negative feelings.

First and foremost we need to teach the mind that we cannot always have happy feelings.

We might face a whole lot of different feelings, majority of them will not be to our liking and some of them should be avoided. Some feelings should be restrained.

Do not take refuge in intoxicants and addictions like drugs, alcohol, smoking, food etc to escape from your feelings. These are not solutions to your problems. You are just stuffing your problems inside.

What you are stuffing inside is energy and it is bound to find a way of release eventually.

Instead of hiding feelings, we should express them in a healthy way.

If we feel sad about something then share it.

If we feel angry then express it in not a destructive way.

Get rid of this thought as to what other people will think. If we feel something is inappropriate then just talk it out and move on.

We are afraid to express our feelings because we want to get a positive result always. We want our feelings to be accepted, respected and implemented. But this is not going to happen always. Just say and do what you feel is right and then move on. Be flexible and accept positive ideas from the other person while expressing your feelings. Do not be adamant.