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Swami Pushkarini – The Sacred Pond in Tirupati Balaji Temple – Importance and Holiness

Swami Pushkarini is the sacred pond at Tirupati Balaji Temple and is of great importance to Vishnu devotees. The greatness and holinesss of it is mentioned in the Brahmanda, Vamana, Brahma, Skanda, Padma and Bhavishyotara Purana.
Srihari Vishnu having left his abode Vaikunta settled on the southern side of Swami Pushkarini, in the form of Sri Venkateswara along with his beloved divine spouse Goddess Rama Devi enjoying the serenity of its surroundings. (Brahmanda Purana)
Three things are highly recommended while visiting Tirupati Balaji Temple, first is taking holy dip in the Swami Pushkarini. The next is having darshan of Lord in the sanctum sanctorum and the final is having the Prasad of Lord.

Swami Pushkarini – The Sacred Pond in Tirupati Balaji Temple – Importance and Holiness

Among the 1008 Tirthas in Tirumala, Swami Pushkarini is one among the seven tirthas that can grant moksha.

As per an account in the Brahma Purana, Saraswati River who performed intense austerities to become the greatest river in the universe got the blessing from Lord Vishnu that she would become the greatest Tirtha in the world. She then settled on the Venkatadri as Pushkarini.

It is believed that Saraswati River entered the Swami Pushkarini on the 12th day during the waxing phase of moon in Dhanur Masa. This day, which falls on the day after Vaikunta Ekadasi, is known as Swami Pushkarini Tirtha Mukkoti.

It is said that Sage Markandeya who wanted strength to take holy dip in all the Tirthas in the universe was asked by Brahma to take holy dip in Swami Pushkarini; as taking dip in the holy pond is equal to taking holy dip all the teerthas in the universe.

Legend has it that all the demi gods including Kuber, Indra, Varuna, Manmatha, and Chandra had performed holy dip in the waters of Swami Pushkarini.

It is said that Bhagavan Sri Ram and Lakshman took holy dip in the pond when they reached the area while trying to locate Mata Sita.

Numerous stories in Hindu scriptures suggest people attaining moksha after taking holy dip in the pond.

On the day after Vaikunta Ekadasi, it is believed that all the three and half crore holy tirthas in the universe enters the Swami Pushkarini. The divine chakra snana ceremony is performed on the day and devotees take holy dip after it.

Chakra Snanam is also performed on the last day of Brahmostsavam – annual festival in the Tirupati Balaji Temple.