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True Prayer Is Thinking Positively Not Begging Before God

Keep moving. If we stop progressing internally, we will move towards stagnation. Never let lethargy get you; keep the quest alive. The quest of self-realization is the only light that should never be extinguished.

For spiritual well being, stop befriending those things that give joy for a few seconds and then everlasting pain. Keep ears and eyes open only to those thoughts and words that stimulate us towards universal truth.

Do not build walls and do not find comfort in the four corners of human-made walls. Search for truth and goodness everywhere. Do not be the frog in the well. Look life from a broader perspective.

For spiritual progression, practice humility, love, forgiveness, kindness and trust.

The endeavor to know oneself leads to self-awareness.

Never give up on the internal quest, only it will give you the final answers. Rest all quest are superficial and they only take you far away from the truth.

True prayer is thinking positively not begging before God to bail us out each day.

Nature never mismatches her colors. But we humans do because we are influenced by ego, anger, desire, hatred and nepotism.

Give importance to quality, not to quantity. It is not how long you meditate but how well you meditate.