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Pulpally Seetha Devi Temple - Gods Worshipped - Information - History - Festival

Pulpally Seetha Devi Temple is located at Pulpally in Wayanad District, Kerala. The main festival in the temple is observed in Dhanu Masam. The main festival is observed on Dhanu Masam 19 and 20. On Dhanu 13 and 14, Tira and Vellattam are held by Kulanadikal.

The main deity worshipped in the temple is Goddess Sita, wife of Sri Rama. Luv Kush, Ayyappa, Talchilwan, Vettaikaran, Ganapathy, Subrahmanya, Naga are the Upa Devatas. Luv and Kush, sons of Sita Devi, are worshipped in the same sanctum sanctorum.

Sita Devi faces east and Luv Kush faces west. The main offerings in the temple are made to Luv and Kusha even though the temple is famous and known after Goddess Sita.

The temple is mainly associated with the Tribals (Adivasi) in the area.

The festival begins with Eriyappali Chetti cutting a plantain (banana). The family has ownership rights in the temple. Urali cuts firewood, the temple premises is cleaned by Nayakar community, and Paniyan plays the drum and kuzhal.

The temple was an important hide out of Pazhassi Raja who fought against the British.