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Poothadi Temple About - Story - Theyyam Festival

Poothadi Temple is located at Poothadi village on the Kalpetta – Meenangadi road in Wayanad district, Kerala. Poothadi Temple Tira festival is observed on Thulam 10. The annual festival at Poothadi Shiva Temple is observed on the last week of Makaram month. The important festival dedicated to Goddess Saraswati is Navratri.

The main event during the Tira festival is the theyyam of Poothadi and Seeta Devi Amma. The Theyyam takes place at Devapura which is located near the home of Kalanadikal. Moonatuanmar also performs the Poothadi Daivam Thira.

There are three temples in the complex. Poothadi Paradevata and Bhagavan Vishnu are worshipped in the same sanctum sanctorum on the same peedam or base. The other two shrines are dedicated to Shiva and Goddess Saraswati.

Shiva and Poothadi Paradevatha face west. The Shiva temple is of importance as it has a flag post. The Upa Devatas in the Shiva temple are Ganapathi and Ayyappa.

It is believed that Poothadi is a Vanadevatha. The Goddess is associated with Shaivism. As per the Tribal songs of the Adivasi sect Kalanadikal, Poothadi Daivam is the son of Puli Kaali.

The temple is managed by Poothadi Nambiar.

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