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Helpful Thoughts

This is a collection of helpful thoughts on various subjects

We all know death is a certainty. Instead of worrying about death, prepare for the graceful exit.

External enemies can be dealt with. But external enemies are not our greatest enemies. The real enemy is within us. Anger, jealousy, ego and hatred are the real enemies that hamper our progress. Only they stop us from achieving success.

When we are judging a person, we want them to be like us. Maturity is in not judging and accepting people as they are.

Stop running after desires. Limit your desires. Focus on one thing that you like the most. You will achieve that desire and success in life.

Kindness without expectation is the real kindness.

Hate and fear should not be part of our life. It only damages us. Stop spreading hatred and fear.

We will become happy the day we learn to differentiate between need and greed.

Bad karma is hurting another living being knowingly.

Complaining, grumbling and feeling disgusted are of no help. Do not waste precious energy on them. Instead, focus on finding inner joy and peace.

Stop correcting people, know that they are blessed with intelligence but it is that they just do not want to change, they are currently happy with ignorance. Correction should not be external it should be internal for everlasting effect.

You overcome fear when you are able to see through the unreal and realize the real.

Problems in life arise when we are not ready to go with the flow. To fulfill our desires and to satisfy our ego, we resist the flow. Do everything coming our way with utmost sincerity and dedication. When we move with the flow of life, we live in bliss.

Anger and hatred have become so much part of our life that we no longer are able to realize them. We live with them. But in the land of happiness there is no place for anger and hatred. To move out of the land of unhappiness we need to throw out anger and hatred from our lives.

The true great power in the world is self-realization. This is the greatest power. When this power is achieved, we conquer all the demons. We become powerful. We become one with God.

Nature’s gift is not to be owned and only used. It is to be nurtured. We have to show the gratitude of what we get from nature by sustaining it for the next generation.

Real freedom is to know oneself and to understand who we really are.

The real challenge is in practicing spiritual thoughts. It is easy to preach, read and talk about them. But when it comes to putting them to practice one in a million succeeds.

We often blame it on fate or some person for our failures. Honestly, that is not the real reason for our failures. The real reasons are our fear, uncontrollable desires, anger, jealousy, and insecurities.

True Guru does not promise you riches, bright future or fulfillment of desires. True Guru removes all doubts and fears and opens the door to bliss.

Greed, attachment, lust, arrogance, pride, ego, delusion and belief in falsehood are the enemies that attack us when we attempt to walk on the road of spirituality.

All teachings are facets of one truth. What is this truth? It cannot be explained. It has to be understood, imbibed and experienced.

Avoid short-term solutions to any problem. Try to find out a permanent solution. Otherwise, the problem will be a recurring headache, which will harm our relationships and career.

Majority of the teachers no longer provide ethical enlightenment in schools. They are doing a job for the salary. It is just like any other job. It is for parents to become a good Guru and guide children towards values and Dharma. Do not worry about your educational qualification, every parent can teach a child what is good or bad. It is just that we do not constantly make that effort.

Always do your work positively and honestly. You will achieve success. We are unsuccessful because we do our work majority of the time halfheartedly.

You can never satisfy all the people, but you can be honest and satisfied.

Getting emotionally involved in career is good but you should know when and where to stop.

For your career to be a success develop honesty, sincerity and transparency.

Stop being rigid because it is not the real you. The reason for rigidity is ego or fear. You are no longer the real you. You have put on a mask. Throw away the mask of rigidity and become original. All your relationship will improve.

Do not attempt to escape from reality. Face it. It is the only way out from life long suffering.

Religion is one among the numerous paths to understand God. Once you are on the path, the role of religion ends. Realization of God is your own business.

There is nothing wrong in nature. There is nothing wrong with earth. Problems in world are man made. This is because the world created by man is based on ignorance, power, ego, anger, frustration, greediness, intolerance and insatiable desire and lust. The day you step out of the manmade world, you will enjoy bliss. This stepping out is what is liberation or moksha.