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Theyyottu Kavu Temple Festival – Kaliyattam - Gods Worshipped

Theyyottu Kavu temple is located at Alapadambu In Kannur district, Kerala. The main festival in the temple is observed on Vrischikam 17. The deepam and thiri for the festival is brought on Vrischikam 16 from Payyanur Subrahmanya Swamy temple after the Aradhana Mahotsavam in the Payyanur temple.

The belief is that Payyanur Subrahmanya Swamy is the father of the murti worshipped in Theyyottu Kavu temple.

Theyyottu Kavu is one of the biggest groves in Kerala – around 60 acres. The main prathishta is on the manithoonu in the grove. The main murti is muthalalu daivam. The deity is half man and half woman. No one is allowed entry into the Theyyottu Kavu. Mavilan, the official priest, goes up to only the manithoonu.

Puja in the kavu takes place only during Sankranti (middle of the month). The temple is located on one side of a small hill.

Outside the Kavu there is the Pratishta of Bhagavathi who faces east.