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We Are Not Puppets Controlled By God

We are not puppets controlled by a god. This very thought that there is someone who controls our life is a wrong notion. It is ignorance. Our never-ending desires, fear and attachment are the reason for us becoming puppets. We are controlled by our desires, fear and attachments. When we realize this and take the necessary steps, we are no longer puppets.


We all get emotionally unbalanced; there is nothing to be ashamed of it. However, if we are not able to regain our balance quickly then we have a problem. When we live in the world, we are sure to be emotionally disturbed. There are innumerable ways in which a person can be disturbed mentally. The moment this happens, we need to tune our mind towards the spiritual channel in us. An angry and emotional mind takes only wrong decisions, it only utters words that hurt and cause harm, and it only does those physical actions that are to be never performed. Breathe in and out. Close the eyes and remember the people whom you love most. Get back to your normal self and deal with the situation with full courage and confidence.


Bad deeds in life haunt us. If it haunts you then it means you are repenting. This is a good sign. Propelled by desire we perform several actions in life that might have hurt other people. We never realize it then. But when we face a crisis, all the bad deeds come to haunt us. There is no escape from it. You can only repent and perform good actions. Bad deeds can only be washed with good deeds. This has to be done in this life itself. So, if you are becoming uncomfortable recollecting the bad deeds, start now itself to perform good deeds.