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Swami Shankarananda Teachings And Quotes Of Chinmaya Mission

Swami Shankarananda is associated with the Chinmaya Mission. This is a collection of teachings and quotes of Swami Shankarananda.

Wealth can be earned both ways religiously and non-religiously. However if earned non-religiously it will lead to sorrow and not joy. Irreligiousness leads to sin, which in turn leads to mental agitations and finally sorrows.

The majority in the world do not understand the importance of religion. They get attached to selfishness and sensual attachments and tread the irreligious path. The harmful effects of irreligiousness are not perceptible soon. The easy path of materialism is attractive.

Following the religious path one achieves material pleasures, fame and heaven. Wealth earned by following the religious path and after much effort, gives mental peace and joy. Joy is not in the sense objects rather it is in the peace of mind.

All problems of mankind fall into two types. One which are materialistic whose solution are found in the material plane which are short lived; the second type which is spiritual in nature and the solution of this is of lasting and permanent nature.

The cause of many problems originates within the individual, if that is taken care of, the external cause will not arise nor will they give rise to any problem.

The root cause for all our internal problems is the ignorance of our true nature – The Self. Our true nature is nothing but an embodiment of joy and bliss.

The entrance door of the spiritual path is religion. First of all one should try and understand the definitions of religion. This we can do by seeing the scriptures or listening to spiritual discourses. Briefly speaking our duties is our religion. That what is to be done should be done and that which is not to be done should not be done. This is our duty. To act contrary to this is irreligious.

It is usually believed that the origin of our problems is in something external – a thing, a person or a situation which if remedied will solve the problem. This is not true. The main source of problem is within us.

Source – Book - How To Live In Old Age by Swami Shankarananda