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What Happens When A Person Is Possessed By Ganesha

As per Manavagrihyasutra (2.14) there are four types of Vinayakas. They are Salakatankata, Usmita, Devayajana, and Kusmandarajaputra. These forms of Ganesha are known to possess people.

When possessed by these forms of Ganesha a person pounds sods of earth, cuts grass, and writes on his body, and sees dreams of water, men with shaved heads, camels, pigs, asses etc. The person feels he is moving in the air, and when walking, sees somebody pursuing him from behind.

Again when possessed by these young men do not obtain success in life and lose possession of family business and wealth. Girls even though they have nice qualities they do not obtain good husbands. Women are unable to give birth. Some women lose their children.

A learned teacher qualified to teach does not obtain pupils, and there are many interruptions and breaks in the course of students.

Trade and agriculture are unsuccessful. People face numerous problems in career and relationships.

People who face problems in life should appease Ganapati through unwavering devotion and fasting.