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Teachings from Paramartha Prasanga of Swami Virajananda

To realize God an aspirant must have: Patience, Perseverance, Purity of body and mind, intense desire or yearning, the aggregate of the six attributes namely tranquility of mind, restraint of the senses, giving up of attachments to objects, remaining unaffected amidst all kind of afflictions, faith in the words of the spiritual teacher and the scriptures and concentration on the chosen ideal or God.

Do not tell anybody else, except the Guru, the realizations, the visions, or similar experiences, that spiritual practices may bring to you. Always keep your spiritual treasure – your inmost thoughts – hidden within you. These are not for vulgar gaze. These are your sacred possessions to be shared only between you and the Lord in secret.

Likewise, do not talk of your defects and blemishes to others. You lose thereby your self respect and the respect of others for you. They are for you to confess to the Lord. Pray to Him for strength to overcome them.

Paramartha Prasanga of Swami Virajananda

Swami Virajananda (10 June 1873 – 30 May 1951), born Kalikrishna Bose, was a direct disciple of Sarada Devi and a former president of the Ramakrishna Mission