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Strange Are The Ways Of The Mind

Strange are the ways of the mind.

One mind is hungry after desires; another one is content and full of love.

One is only interested in getting, another one knows only giving.

One mind knows only its own happiness, the other one feels for others.

One mind is immersed in its selfish aims; another mind is immersed in doing good to others.

One mind is full of egoism, another one is a garden of humility.

Indeed strange are the ways of the mind

Source - Vedanta Kesari June 2014


On The Topic Mind

The jnani's mind is known only to the jnani. One must be a jnani oneself in order to understand another jnani. However, the peace of mind which permeates the saint's atmosphere is the only means by which the seeker understands the greatness of the saint.

His words or actions or appearance are no indication of his greatness, for they are ordinarily beyond the comprehension of common people. (Ramana Maharshi Talks, no. 426)


Swami Sivananda believed that the mortification of the body could not lead to Liberation unless the passions were calmed and the mind disciplined.


Truth to be Truth must be universal and all-inclusive. That state in which the Truth is realised cannot be veiled, much less obstructed by the mind and its three states: waking, dreaming, and deep sleep. The state which at once transcends and includes the three states of the mind is known as sahaja sthiti. In other words, the Silence of the Sage is constant and exercises uninterruptedly its benign influence, whether the Sage appears outwardly to be aware of the world or not.


Sage Vasistha says in the Yoga Vasistha that there are two kinds of hearts; the one which is all-pervading and which should be 'accepted', and the other which is limited by time and space and which should be 'rejected'. The all-pervading Heart is within as well as without, and when the 'body-am-I' idea disappears, it is neither within nor without. That is the real Heart. In that, all things appear as images in a mirror. When the mind gets rid of all desires, the vital breath gets quiet, and the all-pervading Heart is experienced as such.