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Story Of Bhairava And Matrichakra – Circle Of Mothers

This story of Bhairava And Matrichakra is found in the 6th Taranga of Navama Lambaka of Kathasaritsagara.

Once one Matrichakra led by Mother Goddess Narayani arrived in the midnight in a dense forest filled with huge trees and wild animals. The Matrikas led by Goddess Narayani positioned themselves under a tall dense tree. The unpacked the different gifts carried by them and stood waiting for Bhairava.

To keep the other Goddesses focused on Bhairava, Narayani told stories that explained the greatness and power of Bhairava.

Soon Bhairava arrived in the forest and reached the huge tree under which the Matrikas were stationed.

Bhairava arrived before them in the form of Chakreshwar Bhairava. Mother Goddesses led by Goddess Narayani offered worship to him and presented him the gifts they had brought.

Bhairava spotted and then danced in Tandava style with the Matrikas. After that Bhairava left with the Matrikas.

It is said that this is the reason why Bhairava and Matrikas are worshipped under huge and tall trees. The Matrikas sit in circle and there will be a Bhairava in the middle of them.