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Do Not Do These Things on Tuesday As Per Hindu Religion

As per Hinduism, certain things are to be avoided on Tuesdays. The list of do not do things varies from region to region and is restricted to certain Hindu communities. These Hindu beliefs are not based on scriptures.

Tuesday Avoids in Hinduism

  • Nails should not be cut on Tuesday
  • No haircut
  • No shaving or trimming of the beard and mustache.
  • Threading and waxing also should not be done on Tuesday.
  • Sharp things like scissors, blade, nail cutter, knife, etc should not be bought on the day.
  • You should not shout at elders on the day.
  • Meat and fish should be bought or eaten on the day.
  • All forms of alcohol should be avoided.

Things that can be bought on Tuesday

  • Red color lamp
  • Red paint.
  • Hard mattresses and hard cushion
  • Electronic items
  • Red Metal decorations
  • Red flower
  • Heater