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Story - Ganga Captured In Ear Of Sage Jhanva – Why Ganga Is Known As Jhanvi?

King Bhagiratha had brought Ganga down on to earth through intense austerities to free the souls of his ancestors. But during the journey of the river from Himalayas to Gangasagar in Bengal there were numerous difficulties. One such story is that of Ganga being captured by Sage Jhanva in his ear. Due to this incident Ganga is also known as Jhanvi. King Bhagiratha rode his horse swiftly down the Himalayan slopes and the Holy Ganga River was following him. The ashes of his ancestors were lying at present day Gangasagar. On the way, the king passed through the ashram of Sage Jhanva. But Ganga was about to destroy the Ashram of the sage. To avoid any trouble to his ashram and its living beings, the powerful sage calmly took her into his body through the left ear. Soon King Bhagiratha discovered that Ganga was not following him. He then returned to the ashram of Sage Jhanva and pleaded with the sage to release the holy river. The Sage obliged and allowed the

Navashakti Jyothi and Nakshatra Deepa at Jalakandeswarar Temple in Vellore – Tamil Nadu

Navashakti Jyothi is a unique lamp at the famous Jalakandeswarar Temple in Vellore – Tamil Nadu. The temple is world famous for it is architecture and is located inside the Vellore fort. Attached to the Navashakti Jyothi is the Nakshatra Deepa. Navashakti Jyothi Represents Nine Goddesses The lamp is located in front of the Amman Shrine (Goddess Parvati) in the temple.  The lamp is round in shape. There is one big lamp in the center and there are eight small round lamps around it. The specialty of the lamp is that it never extinguishes. Nakshatra Deepa Nakshatra Deepa is located just above the Navashakti Jyothi. This lamp has a diameter of 27 inches. Each inch represents the 27 nakshatras. 

Sri Tripura Rahasya Quotes And Teachings

A collection of quotes and teachings from Sri Tripura Rahasya.  Goddess Tripura is pure Consciousness, which is the creative force, the sole basis and background that mirrors the entire diverse manifold reality in the world. Misery is not absence of happiness, but limited happiness. For as happiness recedes misery pours in. Investigation is the seed capable of sprouting and flourishing into the gigantic tree of happiness. A deliberating man always shines over others, Brahma is great because of deliberation; Vishnu is worshipped because of it. ‘There is no bondage nor liberation; no means of liberation nor one who practices it. The undivided non-dual Conscious-Power Tripura alone is shining. She alone is Ignorance and Knowledge, bondage and liberation and the means’. Common people, becoming foolishly involved with regard to their sense of action, are perplexed at every turn; if, on the other hand, they think and then act, they will be free from all misery. Investigation