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Santana Gopala Puja – Santana Gopala Homam For Getting Pregnant And Welfare of Children

Santana Gopala Puja, or Santana Gopala Homam, is dedicated to Krishna. In the Santana Gopala Puja, rituals, pujas, vrata and homam dedicated to Gopala Krishna or child form of Krishna is performed by those couples that are having problems with pregnancy. It is performed by many for getting pregnant. Parents perform it for the welfare of the children.

Krishna is worshipped with Tulsi or basil leaves on the day. Usually people choose Wednesday to perform the puja. But you can do it on any day of the week as no special day is designated for the puja.

The simple way to perform the puja is to offer Tulsi leaves to Krishna and offer prayers at a Krishna temple or at home. You can opt for a vegetarian diet on the puja day. Some devotees observe a fast from sunrise to sunset. Feeding the poor on the puja day is considered highly meritorious.

Those performing the puja also chant the Santana Gopala Mantra –

The traditional Santana Gopala Homam performed with help of a priest involves worship of Krishna with Tulsi leaves. Chanting of the Purusha Suktam. Chanting of Santana Gopala mantra in the presence of the Santana Gopala Yantra. The homam is then performed by the priest.