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Dattatreya Teachings on Equanimity

Teachings on equanimity by Guru Dattatreya.

Remaining contented in mind, I enjoy what is ordained by fate, and I wear linen garments or silks, or deerskin or rags or any other fabric that is offered to me.

Sometimes I sleep on the bare ground; sometimes on grass or on a heap of leaves or on a slab of stone or in ashes; sometimes I lie inside a mansion on a rich bed over a precious bedstead as desired by God.

Sometimes I take a bath with my body anointed with fragrant pigments. I put on rich garments and wear garlands and ornaments. Sometimes I ride in a chariot or on an elephant or on a horse and sometimes I wander stark-naked like an evil spirit.

I neither revile nor praise people who are of diverse nature. I pray for their welfare and bless them with their union with the Almighty Sri Hari Vishnu.

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