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Chamara Yoga In Hindu Astrology

Chamara Yoga is a planetary combination in Hindu astrology. As per standard astrological texts in Hinduism, if the Lord of the lagna (ascendant) is in its exaltation sing and placed in a Kendra (1st, 4th, 7th or 10th), then this combination represents Chamara Yoga.

According to some texts, the Lord of the lagna must be aspect by Jupiter; but this generally is not a preliminary condition.

However, according to the nature of the lord of lagna, its effect also gets modified.
  • If Mars is the Lord of the lagna, the person would excel in the martial sphere;
  • if Mercury is lord of lagna, the person would excel in business;
  • if Jupiter is lord of lagna, the person would excel in learning.
Chamara Yoga is one of the most favorable yogas in Hindu astrology.

The lord of the lagna in exaltation assures a long life for the person.

It is believed that Lord Krishna had Chamara Yoga.

Chamara Yoga Benefits

  • The person with this yoga in horoscope will gain a high reputation in life.
  • Will be respected by authorities and society.
  • Will be well versed in scriptures.
  • Will be rich, determined, courageous and famous.
  • The person will be stubborn and firm.
  • The person will be blessed with good physical features.